Throw And Catch User Defined Errors In IBM BPM/BAW

In IBM BPM processes and services, we can throw and catch user defined exception. You can find details about user defined exceptions below

  • I put error type end event to a service flow
  • In the event properties tab I defined the Error Code and Error Message like below. Error code is starting with underscore (_) and errorMessage is the user defined error string.
  • I called the GetValue service from another service flow and I put the catch event to GetValue service.
  • In Error Properties tab I selected Cath Specific Error and I put same error code which I already defined it in GetValue service.
  • When I execute it in that way I didn’t get any error because I catches the error which I already throwed from GetValue service.
  • But if I change the error code parameter like below I got an error in the service