Reading Custom Log File & File Browser Application In IBM BPM/BAW On-Cloud

In IBM BAW on Cloud, we don’t have access to WAS environment. This means if we want to create any specific folder/file in WAS, we cannot reach it through terminal.

If we write our logs to the OOB location, we can retrieve them from Portal itself like below

But if we want to write our logs to a specific location (eg. custom logging per application) in WAS, first we need to ask IBM support to create a separate file system partition with the following structure

Note: /tenant/tmp there is automatic cleanup in 30 days

Once you get the specific location, you can use the File Browser application to read/write a file.

File Browser application has two parts.

  1. Java Integration
  • Getting Folder List Regarding the path.

This service is getting path to retrieve folder list. In the beginning of the operation we are sending main folder location to the service as a input parameter.

When we select any other folder, we call this service again with path of the selected folder

  • Reading the File

If we select file instead of folder, we call readFile method in Java integration to read file

Main Folder Path

  • This is the starting point of the file browser. You can change it from Environmental Variables
  • Prepare Download

Prepare download function is zipping the content in the application server. We are zipping because log files could be big and difficult to download.

  • Download

After we create the zip file, we are able to download the content.

  • Delete

We can delete any file under tenant folder. Delete button is only visible to Admin team.

2. Dashboard

  • List of main folder

As you see, you can use this application for viewing custom log files and also you can view internal WAS folders/files.