IBM BPM Object to XML Conversion For SOAP Request Service

This is a tw.object to SOAP request conversion service.


This service has five steps. You can find details about every steps.

Envelope Start:



Envelope End:

Set Output:



header: is the header object which we are going to create header for SOAP request

body: is the body object which we are going to create body for SOAP request

header Namespace: is the namespace of header

bodyNameSpace: is the namespace of body

bodyObjectName: is the object name of the body

headerObjectName: is the object name of the header

objectType: is the special formats for the object. For example if we have two date fields in our object and if we want to set date format individually, we use objectType name value pair to differentiate object formats.

envelopeNameSpace: is the Envelope name space

soapName: is the name of the Soap


Creating the objects for example:

Converting object to XML