IBM BPM/BAW Live Instance Migration With Data From On-Prem to On-Cloud

Biggest difficulty of the migration projects is dealing with the live instances. Because in most cases customers doesn’t want to work in two environments till the on-prem instances finish.

If this is the case, IBM doesn’t have OOB application which is used for instance migration from one IBM BPM environment(on-prem) to another IBM BPM environment (on-cloud).

For this purpose I created a JAVA application which is getting all the data from on-prem environment and start a new process with these data in on-cloud then update the variables and moves the token to the correct step.

You can find details about the integration below.


Original Version of Application

Migration Version of Application

Components of Data Migration Tool

Algorithm of Java Integration


Move Token

Execution Tree of Linked Process

Instance Child Tree

Converting the instance child tree to Process Hierarchy

Note: If our process doesn’t have Linked processes, we will have only one element in the array. This means we do move token only once.

Update private variables of Linked Process

Multi-Instance Loop (***I advice you to NOT to migrate this***)

Evidence of Migration

Note: If you store on-prem current state data in DB2, you can execute JAVA integration again without calling any service from on-prem BPM environment.

TWX running on On Prem BPM Environment

UI for Migration

After Migration

Note: I advice you to create specific snapshot for migrated instances(the version without “Migrate — Inline User Task Step”). New instances can start from fresh snapshot and migrated ones can live on migrated snapshot. So you can isolate all the migrated instances from the new ones. If you do that design, you can re-migrate the instance any time if you see any error in the migrated instance.